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Although every website we design will be unique, the most common types of websites we are asked to design are;

Single Page Company Profiles

As it sounds, this is a single page with information about your company or business contained within it. We can include links to an email address and contact details.

Multiple Page Web Sites

This is the more common type of website, which consists of several pages of information which people can access and browse through, typically this type of website will have a home page with links to other pages contained within the site which could include pages of products or services you offer, facilities you have or information about your business. The amount of links you can have on any of the pages within your site is virtually limitless.

Other Websites

We offer other types of specialist websites such as feedback forms and e-commerce services, due to the specialist nature of this type of website we will quote on an individual basis.


We can arrange high quality photographs and graphic production for use within your website.  Click here to visit our external photographers website for examples of his work.


As each website we design is unique, we will provide a individual quote for any design prior to starting.

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